Intruder enters Farooq Abdullah’s house, shot dead

Srinagar, Aug 4: An intruder was gunned down by security personnel on Saturday for breaching security at former Chief Minister Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah’s residence in Jammu.

“The intruder was driving a black SUV. He drove through the outer gate, breaking it. He was stopped by security guards. He had a scuffle with one of the guards who sustained injuries during the scuffle,” SSP Jammu Vivek Gupta told media.

“Later he entered the lobby and started vandalising property after which he was shot dead. An identity card carried by the slain intruder revealed his name was Morifat Khan from Poonch district”.

However, Farooq Abdullah was not in his house when the incident took place.

Meanwhile, Father of Morifat Khan said, “He was with me last night. He goes to gym daily and left for that today. I want to know why was he killed.

Where were the security guards when he breached the gate? Why didn’t they arrest him? deceased’s father asked.

Reacting to the incident, Ex-Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, tweeted: “I am aware of the incident that took place at the residence my father and I share in Bhatindi, Jammu. Details are sketchy at the moment. Initial reports suggest an intruder was able to gain entry through the front door and in to the upper lobby of the house.”


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