Intolerance stems from current government: Rahul Gandhi in Dubai

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi , Image – Congress Twitter

Dubai, Jan 12: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday interacted with students of Institute of Management Technology in Dubai.

Gandhi raised host of issues including Healthcare, Business , Politics and others.

“Tolerance is embedded in our culture. But we see a lot of intolerance today which stems from the current government”, Gandhi told the gathering.

“India has taught me to look at a point of view that is completely different from mine”, he added.

Speaking about the employment and job opportunities, the Congress Chief “Brain Drain, was a 20th century idea. In 21st century people are more mobile and go where real opportunities are. One should make sure that your country provides opportunities”

“Healthcare is a huge opportunity for India in global perspective. We are sitting on the biggest genetic resources on the planet and that is what cure & medical health is going to be about in next 10-15 years”.

On Business, Gandhi said that “We need to reshape banking system so that SMEs can get financial resources so that they can scale up to become large companies”.

“If you look at our political system, maximum of women in political system come from rural background. We are currently fighting to put reservation for women in national politics”.


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