Insulting question by TV anchor led to planning of PoK surgical strikes:Manohar parrikar

Manohar Parrikar

Speaking before an industrialists gathering in Panaji the former defence minister Manohar parrikar said that the surgical strike was result of an insulting question asked by a journalist to Rajyawardhan rathore during Myanmar anti insurgency operation.

According to Indian Express, Parrikar said I felt insulted….A small terrorist organisation of 200 people killing 18 Dogra soldiers was an insult to the Indian Army and we sat in the afternoon and sat in the evening and worked out the (plan of) first surgical strike which was conducted on 8th June morning in which about 70-80 terrorists were killed (along the India-Myanmar border).”

While discussing about the operation he said that it was a very succesfull strike and the only instance of an injury was a leech attaching itself to a soldier’s leg. Contrary to some reports, no helicopters were used.

Speaking about the preparation of Surgical strike on India-Pkaistan border the former defence minister said “one question (from media) hurt me.Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, an ex-Armyman, was on TV and he was explaining about all kinds of search operations. An anchor asked him ‘would you have the courage and capability of doing the same on the western front”.

“I listened very intensely but decided to answer when the time came. The starting of September 29 (2016) surgical strike on the western border was 9th of June, 2015….We planned 15 months in advance Parriakr added.

However criticising Parrikar’s remarks the former Jammu and Kasmir chief minister Omar abdullah asked whether ‘we are supposed to feel safer with this sort of decision making.’

He tweeted “The SurgicalStrike had nothing to do with Uri. It was planned because a minister was asked “an insulting question”. What does one say!

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