‘Insider Attack’ Kills U.S. Service Member in Afghanistan


Washington, July 8 : An American service member was killed and two others were wounded in southern Afghanistan on Saturday in what officials described as an “apparent insider attack.”

The attack took place in southern Afghanistan on Saturday and it was “an apparent insider attack”, a statement from the NATO-led Resolute Support mission said.The United States military, announcing the death in a statement, did not provide further details.

The wounded service members were in stable condition, the military said. The name of the soldier who was killed was being withheld so the next of kin could be notified.

It was not immediately clear who carried out the attack, or whether they had been apprehended.

But a police officer said the shooting happened at the airport in Tarinkot, the capital of Uruzgan province – although they were unable to confirm this detail with any NATO officials.

The Taliban have also released a statement, saying an Afghan soldier opened fire on US soldiers in Uruzgan.

The attack comes a year after three US special forces soldiers were shot dead by one of their Afghan colleagues. It was claimed by the Taliban.

The US still has an estimated 14,000 troops in the country helping support the Afghan military, despite NATO’s combat mission in Afghanistan officially ended in 2014.

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