Infosys, Wipro Chiefs warn of challenging times for Indian IT


Jan 3: Wipro Chairman Azim Premji and Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka have sent out letters on New Year to their respective employees.

The letters caution those deployed in the sector about serious dangers for the IT industry amid domestic as well as global pressures.

Premji says IT services are at risk due to recent political and social developments. He suggested four principles in the quest for a better world: finding a common ground; having concern and respect for others; staying connected as a society and committing to values such as integrity and honesty.

“It’s not that only people in public life can play a part, but each one of us in our own roles can make a difference, and we as a company can make a substantial difference”

Citing his recent visit to a school in Sirohi in Rajasthan when a young girl asked him about his achievements, Premji said the greatest fulfilment is in knowing that the work that we are doing at the Foundation has some role in shaping confident, thinking, caring and ethical human beings like her.

Meanwhile, Infosys Sikka asked his employees to embrace automation and innovation as tools to survive the fast-changing world of technology. He foresighted difficult time ahead for the Indian IT industry if it fails to use the two factors.

“We will not survive if we remain in the constricted space of doing as we are told. By standing still instead of moving forward decisively, we will face the brunt of the disruptive forces, as our industry has already started to see,” Sikka said.

He reiterated a majority of work of IT industry can be done with AI (artificial intelligence) systems. “So as I think about all this…we need to harness the dual forces of automation and innovation,” he said.

Both the industry majors highlighted political and social factors such as Brexit, Donald Trump’s victory, demonetisation, terrorism and the migrant crisis to have caused challenges for the industry. Though the biggest disruption is “accelerating force of technology and digitization,” said Sikka.

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