‘Indu Sarkar’ and ‘Smriti irani’ was the reason behind my sacking says Nihlani

Pahlaj Nihalani

Pahlaj nihlani is not an easy man to deal with as even after his sacking from the post of CBFC chief he is still making headlines and this time he hasn’t attacked any film maker or film but it is the information and broadcasting minister Smriti Irani itself.

In an interview with a you tube channel Lehren, the sacked man who is often called scissor man by social media freaks said he has been sacked because he did’nt let Indu sarkar to release without cuts. In his interview with a prominent journalist Bharathi S Pradhan Nihlani said Indu Sarkar was the main issue behind his sacking.He also said “Smriti Irani is always an issue.”

While blaming the minister he said,Whichever ministry Irani has joined, she has made her presence felt.”“She told me, why are you not clearing Indu Sarkar without cuts? I said, I will go with the procedure. She wanted to show her presence in the I&B ministry and who bigger a target than me? She is a powerful minister wherever she goes,” Nihlani added.

Except the minister Pahlaj nihlani also said targeted film maker Anurag kashyap. He said, Kashyap created controversies revolving around me so that his small budget films could get publicity.

Meanwhile amid of all these allegations Pahlaj Nihlani revealed that a ministry called him to not release Bajrangi Bhaijan on EId because of its title,” Nihalani told Pradhan, adding that the ministry thought that the movie was about a relationship between a Hindu man and a Muslim woman.

In his interview Nihlani wished the news chairman and said “Prasoon Joshi is a very nice man, he will have to reap the fruit of my sins and good deeds.”

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