Indore-Patna express derailed, a four years old tries to recognize his father from a dead list

Bhatinda-Jodhpur passenger train-wefornews-min

Adarsh Pandey, a four years old boy got his right leg fractured in a cast, his right hand covered in bandages and his left hand tightly clutching a toy car was held a phone so that he could recognize his father from the photos of some dead victims in Indore-Patna express accident.

He was among those 50 injured in the train who were brought at the Pukhrayan Community Health Centre (CHC) on Sunday. They all were brought here to help police identify the dead people.

No wonder that a sobbing Adarsh is suffering from a great trauma after this terrible accident. He shook his head and wasn’t able to talk properly. However, he conveyed that he was travelling with his father Ravindra Pandey and mother Pooja to Kanpur.


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