Indira removed poverty, Rajiv bought technology but Modi created unemployment : Sharad Pawar


Mumbai, April 3 : Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar said farmers are committing suicides, unemployment is rising under PM Narendra Modi’s rule while Prime Ministers from Gandhi family worked for removing poverty, bringing modernisation and technology.

Addressing a rally in Maharashtra, Pawar further said, “Look where he (Modi) has brought the country after five years”.”In Maharashtra, thousands of farmers committed suicide in the last four years. They have been suffering because of lack of fair prices for farm produce. This government came to power promising jobs but, far from creating employment, jobs have been lost due to demonetisation and GST,” he alleged.

“Indira Gandhi worked for removing poverty. Rajiv Gandhi worked for bringing modernisation and technology to the country. Many people thought Sonia Gandhi would leave the country after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, but she stayed back due to her commitment towards it… Now the fifth generation from the family is serving the nation. The Gandhi family has never compromised on its principles. The country’s PM, however, continues to attack only one family,” he had said.

Addressing a rally in Kolhapur, Pawar had, on Tuesday, said, “Modi is launching personal attacks wherever he goes. But I will not do so as I am influenced by my mother. Personal criticism does not fit in our culture.”

“Modi became the Prime Minister by accident,”Pawar said.
Launching the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance’s poll campaign in Maharashtra at a rally in Wardha on Monday, PM Modi had made a stinging attack on Pawar, claiming the NCP chief had withdrawn from the Lok Sabha polls as he had realised the situation was not favourable.

PM Modi went on to say Pawar was losing his grip on the Nationalist Congress Party and was weakened by family feuds led by his nephew.

Pawar said that the prime minister did not need to be bothered about family feuds in the NCP.

“It was expected of the prime minister that he would make new announcements at the Wardha rally. But instead, he presented the picture of the NCP before people. He talked about wrong differences with Ajit Pawar,” Pawar said.

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