IndiGo suspends Srinagar ground staff for security breach

IndiGo airlines on Saturday suspended its ground staff at Srinagar airport after investigations proved that the chief security officer of the airport had breached security on April 1.

A statement by IndiGo airlines said here: “As per the internal investigation conducted by IndiGo, it was observed that Tilak Raj, Chief Security Officer-Srinagar Airport, Airports Authority of India (AAI), flew from Srinagar to Delhi on flight 6E-436, April 01, 2016 using the boarding pass under the name of one Vimal Kumar, AAI official at Srinagar Airport.

“As per the inquiry, this passenger (Tilak Raj) was observed breaching the security protocols multiple times, at Srinagar airport.

“Two of his colleagues (from AAI, based in Srinagar) had come to collect his boarding pass from the airport staff.

“Following the protocol, the airline staff asked the two AAI officials to present the photo identity – which is the standard procedure to collect the boarding pass.

“The staff learned that these two officials from AAI are only there at the airport to collect the boarding pass for their senior colleague Vimal Kumar.

“Based on the working relations with AAI officials, the staff agreed to issue the boarding pass.

“It was then observed – after the boarding of 6E-436 flight, three persons reported last minute at the boarding gate.

“All three persons were informed by the boarding gate staff that boarding is closed for this flight.

“This resulted in an argument between the boarding staff and these three persons (one of them Tilak Raj).

“These three persons, including Tilak Raj (also using the name Vimal Kumar) dismissed the instructions given by the boarding gate staff and walked towards the aerobridge to board the aircraft. All three persons were carrying the airport entry permit. Tilak Raj’s (representing Airport Authority of India) act to furnish boarding pass from the airline staff, misusing the airport entry permit, and entry into the restricted security areas resulted in serious security violation.

“Senior leadership has terminated the staff (on duty) with immediate effect, on grounds of negligence”.



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