India’s young feel suffocated, want to break free: HT survey


New Delhi, December 20: 84.1% of the men in the latest Youth Survey by HT and MaRs, said they want to rebel against society. The battle of the youth against society, they want to rebel against society.  Even the women are not left behind; 80.0% say they want to break out and rebel.

They survey covered among 5,460 people of 18 to 25 ages, equally divided between men and women in 15 cities and towns. Each respondent is an undergraduate student or higher, or employed with at least a bachelors degree. All of them use the mobile phone, internet, and social networking sites.

About half from both gender (54.1% men and 56.3% women): think of society as someone to either compete with or ignore.

These are not rebels without a cause. Respondents believe that there are too many rules that curb their freedom.

More than a quarter of the respondents believe society is run equally by the young and old. The survey shows the percentage believing society is run by adults is about the same as the percentage that says it is run by the youth. Rest says that it is run by both equally. Nearly 60% of the men and more than 65% of women do not think that young people should take the lead in changing society.

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