India’s rank in World Happiness Index slips 11 spots, raises concern

India World Happiness Index
India World Happiness Index

Finland topped the United Nations’ World Happiness report which was released on Wednesday.

The report judged the countries on the basis of GDP per Capita, generosity, Social support, the perception of corruption, healthy life expectancy, Dystopia, freedom to make life choices and Confidence interval.

India, however, performed very poorly in the index and was ranked at 133 of total 156, the report also predicted that as compared from 2008-2010 to 2015-2017 India’s happiness decreased -0.698 points.

From all the measurements India’s performance was worst in the perception of corruption and in Generosity. India performed worst in comparison with SAARC countries which also includes Pakistan.

India’s position in World Happiness Index is shocking as well as worrisome and suggest that the government should focus on social welfare issues rather than its own political aspirations.

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