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Indian tourists love to travel to USA for incredible diverse experience



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New Delhi, Sep 30 : The United States will always remain a preferred destination for Indians and it witnessed a 7 per cent increase in arrivals from India in July 2019, and the US tourism industry that has grown many-fold since former US President Barack Obama created Brand USA – the country’s marketing arm, has now set a target of attracting 100 million visitors from across the world in America in 2020.

Indian tourist in US is bound to increase in 2020 and hence the international travelers entering the U.S. Indians prefer to select tourist destination via websites, travel agency and general search engines.

Jackie Ennis, Senior Director, Global Trade development for Brand USA, spoke to wefornews about how 50 states of America have emerged as an aspirational destination for Indian travelers by offering a diverse range of memorable adventurous experiences. More people are recommending the US as a holiday destination in 2019 over 2018 through social media.

“Social media is now getting bigger and we build strategies to constantly engage with the international travelers to enhance the image of the USA worldwide,” Ennis said.

Jackie Ennis, Senior Director, Global Trade development for Brand USA

”The complexity of the destination adds to the opportunities for different segments of travellers to visit. People of all age groups are travelling to US, be it students, married or aged people. Ennis, Senior Director, Global Trade development for Brand USA- the nation”s destination marketing organization with the mission of increasing international visitation to the US, said.

Also, a large number of Indians consider the US as a friendly, open-minded and an adventurous holiday destination.

She said, ”There is an upsurge in tourist arrivals from India as India and US share same values and culture and the countries have friendly ties, Indian visitors love to visit repeatedly but at different locations i.e. the deserts of Arizona, beaches of Puerto Rico, mountains, beaches, urban centres and great history of Philadelphia. Indian travelers tend to look for beyond the ordinary experiences that allow them to live like a local.“

The Business travel also promotes tourism of USA as the MNCs also send their corporate people to travel to US and on weekends they prefer to see some beaches or do a shopping for their family.

Commenting on the success of the sales mission, Sheema Vohra , Managing Director of Brand USA in India, said, ”The 2019 Brand USA India Mission has been a remarkable event, with the engagement in each city generating noteworthy opportunities and avenues for future business expansion with our Indian partners.”

Ashley Abney, Manager of International Marketing of California said, “California has much to offer to a visitor as no other destination can give you experience of such a diverse state snow, coastline desert region and mountains.”

She said, “Los Angeles combines glamour and culture with a remarkable natural setting. Indian market has increased and California has 35300 visitors from India this July. The air connectivity between San Francisco and Los Angeles is good.”

“We help travel companies to built their itinerary strategies to bring more visitors” Ashley added.

Digital media plays a very important role in the 21st century as 50 states of USA offer packages through videos and travellers find it easy to just click and get as better idea of having a wonderful and a lifetime experience by selecting a good trip.

Brand USA, the destination marketing organisation for the United States, successfully organized their eighth annual India Travel Mission on Sep 28 with an aim to educate the Indian travel industry on the limitless potential of the U.S. as a travel destination, plus build and renew relationships with their Indian trade partners.

A delegation of 38 U.S. companies and 53 delegates took part in this mission that traveled to Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi from September 22-27, 2019. Delegates, including representatives from tourism boards, hotels and receptive operators, among others, received an overwhelming response from the Indian travel trade with more than 820 people attending the multi-city business event.

Poonam Makhija, Vice President of East and West travel agency that offers packages for Houston, said that “Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was in Houston for ‘Howdy Modi’ has now become our brand Ambassador and Indian visitors will be keen to travel to Houston.”

By Arti Bali,

Sr Journalist


Obesity at younger age? Bariatric surgery may help




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New Delhi, Researchers have found that surgical treatment of obesity is as effective for individuals who developed the disorder early, by the age of 20, as for those who have developed obesity later in life.

The results, published in the journal Diabetes Care, are based on data from the Swedish Obese Subjects (SOS) study. For the findings, the researchers covered a total of 4,026 adult individuals who had developed obesity. Half of them had undergone bariatric surgery and the other half were a control group.

“We were somewhat surprised at the results. Since the group that had already developed obesity by the age of 20 had been exposed to obesity and its risks for longer periods, we’d expected that bariatric surgical treatment in these participants would be less effective in terms of weight loss and obesity-related sequelae than in the other group.

But it wasn’t like that,” said study researcher Johanna Andersson Assarsson from University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Each of the groups was divided into three subgroups, based on the participants’ body mass index (BMI) at age 20: those of normal weight, those who were overweight, and those with obesity.

The researchers then investigated whether there was any difference in the effects of bariatric treatment for obesity among those who had developed the disorder before age 20, compared with those who developed it later in life.

“On the contrary, the group with obesity at age 20 lost a little bit more weight after the operation, and there was no difference in effects on diabetes or its complications, cardiovascular disease or cancer, compared with individuals who developed obesity later in life,” Assarsson said.

According to the researchers, for many diseases, early treatment is advantageous, but individuals with early-onset obesity have often had their disorder for a long time before bariatric surgery is considered.

It has sometimes been speculated that bariatric surgical treatment would be less effective in these individuals because of their longer exposure to the adverse health effects of obesity.

“Here, we show that’s not the case. And we think it’s important that this information reaches people considering bariatric surgery for obesity and also health professionals who treat patients with obesity,” Assarsson said.

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Will coronavirus cases drop with arrival of summer?




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New Delhi, Even as the world community is racing against time to find an effective solution to contain the novel coronavirus, several political leaders and even others including doctors and researchers have pinned hope that the virus would not be this deadly with the arrival of summer.

US President Donald Trump earlier this month said that the coronavirus will “go away” in April. The logic he cited was that the heat generally kills this kind of virus. Trump is not only only politician to express hope that things will improve in the summers. Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock had also reportedly said that the virus could be less transmissible during summer.

And it is not just a handful of politicians who think summer will bring some good news. Novel coronavirus came from a wild animal. Infections which happen in winters are respiratory in nature.

We get a viral infection at least twice in a year. The difference was that this strain of coronavirus was a resistant strain. However, the infection rate is going down. By summer, it is expected that the strain will come down,” Vikas Maurya, Director and Head of Department of Pulmonology and Sleep Disorders at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, told IANS.

The novel coronavirus which has so far killed over 2,400 people in China has already spread to over two dozen countries, leading to cancellations of of number of high-profile international business events, badly hurting travel and tourism, while adversely impacting several other sectors of the economy due to restrictions in China.

According to Neha Gupta, Consultant, Infectious Diseases, at Medanta hospital in Gurugram, the types of infections that coronavirus has caused generally occur “during winter or early spring”.Looking at the outbreak of the coronavirus, we expect summers should curtail it as hot temperatures usually kill viruses,” she said.

But even if the infection rate come down during the summer, is there a chance that the scare could return in the next winter?Some believe that this could happen, but they hope that by that time the world should be better equipped to deal with the virus.

“It will become a known strain and a registered strain which can be dealt with effectively. At the moment there is no vaccine or treatment for the virus, but research is ongoing and maybe in a year there will be a vaccine or drug,” Maurya said.

It should here be noted that these are only expectations and no one is actually sure that the virus will certainly die out during summer. So the international medical community is not letting complacency set in in their efforts to find effective solutions to deal with the virus.

According to Gupta, the symptoms of coronavirus infections are cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome and kidney failure.

“What we suggest is that since this is a respiratory virus we should know cough etiquette and ensure hand hygiene. When we cough droplets fall and then if we touch surfaces which are infected cause the virus to enter our body. Having disposable tissues and washing your hands is of immense importance,” said Maurya.

Gupta also stressed on the importance of wearing masks, cough etiquette and hand hygiene to stay safe, while asking people to avoid close contact with anyone suffering from acute respiratory infections and avoiding visits to live animal markets.

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How to cover stretch marks with makeup




Makeup kit
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New Delhi, Stretch marks may be a fact of life, and while there certainly nothing to be ashamed of, there may be times where youd like your stretch marks to be out of sight.

Whether there’s a special occasion you’re getting all dolled up for or you simply want to feel your most confident on the beach, the right makeup products can be used to cover stretch marks temporarily. Inputs from L’oreal Paris USA.

Colour correct

Using the colour wheel you learned about back in elementary school, you can easily neutralize any unwanted tones on your hair or skin. When it comes to covering stretch marks, it’s important to consider their tone. If they’re new and purplish, you’ll want to use a yellow colour corrector to cancel out the color of the stretch marks.

If your stretch marks are older, you may not need to colour correct them as they’re likely already flesh-toned, albeit lighter than the rest of your skin.

Use full-coverage foundation

Of course, a full-coverage foundation is essential for covering stretch marks. Choose a full-coverage formula that contains high-load pigments and can cover everything from scars to hyperpigmentation.

Set your makeup

After expertly covering your stretch marks, you wouldn’t want your makeup to budge throughout the day. To keep everything in place and get an extra boost of coverage, use a fluffy powder brush to sweep on a setting powder.

Apply self-tanner

While not makeup, self-tanner is a holy grail beauty product that can help disguise the look of stretch marks. Not to mention, you’ll get the appearance of beautifully bronzed skin in the process.

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