Indian Naval ship Sumitra rescues 20 after cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh


New Delhi, May 31: Indian Naval Ship Sumitra that was pressed into service for rescue operations in Bangladesh’s Chittagong which is reeling under the impact of cyclone Mora.

The Naval Ship has rescued 20 persons so far, officials said on Wednesday.INS SumitraNavy chief admiral Sunil Lanba stated that they are running two HADR operations, south of Sri Lanka; had received a request from Bangladesh.

The second ship has sailed with relief material for Bangladesh. Our capacity to carry out HADR operation is going to increase with time, said Navy Chief.INS SumitraThe search and rescue operation was taking place 90 miles south of Chittagong. Cyclone Mora had earlier hit Sri Lanka, claiming at least 180 lives.

The ship was rescuing persons who were blown away by Mora from the shores and coastal homes.

“One of the rescued men had no pulse or heart beat but was revived and is currently on a ventilator on board the ship,” a Navy official said.

Indian Naval ships were prepared for the rescue and relief operations as the cyclone had approached Bangladesh on Tuesday.

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