Indian Govt can disclose some Rafale deal details with Opposition: Macron

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

As the opposition has been continously attacking the Modi government over the alleged irregularities in the purchase of Rafale deal from France, the French president’s statement is considered to be very important.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi met French President Emannuel Macron on Saturday, the Congress slammed the BJP government over the Rafale deal, saying it is turning out to be yet another “mother scam”.

In an interview to an Indian media house the French president Emmanuel Macron said,”In our alliance between Indian and France, we don’t reveal some information when they are sensitive for business reasons. The absence of answers on some technical issues is due to commercial agreements for the interest of different companies.”

However he also said,”You have some discussions to be organised by the Indian government and (it) reveals some details of the deal, they consider which could be revealed to the opposition and Parliament. I am not the one to interfere in such issues. But definitely you have commercial sensitivity.”

Nirmala Sitharaman in Parliament denied to give any information about the Rafale deal citing National Security reasons.

With Inputs From IANS

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