Indian citizens private life under Modi’s scanner

Narenra MODI

BJP workers are annoyed and candidates who are contesting on the party tickets in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab polls are fearful of their poll results due to private lives of Indian citizens being brought under Modi’s scanner in the garb of demonetisation. The demonetization is actually misnomer and the drive is being conducted to implement digital transactions of payments and cashless system through which Modi government is trying to control the private life of every individual in blatant disregard of the Constitution of India. Modi cares a fig for the nation, the Parliament and the Constitution to bring his dictatorship in the country. The black money is actually owned by persons like Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya and industrialists promoted by government itself with deals in other countries like Adani group.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister has admitted the flaws in implementing demonetization and asked his office-bearers and RSS to find remedial measures to the hurdles for wining the polls.

RSS sceptical about poll results due to Modi’s demonetisation.

The report of UP and Punjab by the intelligence agencies as well as the feedback from the RSS and the party workers have clearly conveyed to the prime minister Narendra Modi that the elections in both the states and even the 2019 Lok Sabha elections have already been lost but Modi still insists that people are with him and will vote for his party.

Modi’s 50 days limit are coming to a close and people who were in a hope of relief from his disruptive policies of cash crunch have lost their hope . Modi is infact intent on scanning people’s private life ;how much income each person earns,how much is being spent on clothes,jewelry, food,daily expenses, recreation, vacation on tourist destination, hospitals and properties and how much money is being kept in homes.

By using Aadhar card and digital transactions the private life of every Indian citizen is made available to the PM and the government. Where is the freedom of privacy laws available to citizens in all the countries of the world.

To minimize corruption or black money, very high value transactions like buying land or house, jewelry and debt repayment should be made through digital transactions while the mode of payment for petty transaction should be left to the person’s choice.

The judiciary should take cognizance of this helpless situation of the Indian masses.

The income derived from the stock and shares as well as interest from fixed deposits is going to be taxed at higher rates by the government thus upsetting the very foundation of economy.

While GDP determines the economic health of any country but the GDP of India is going to come down considerably after Modi’s coming to power. Thus India will be thrown back among the poorest countries of the world.

BJP president Amit Shah even during his programme with Rajat Sharma stated that “no Indian can think of living in India for free”and now prime minister should explain this statement with logic!

arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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