Indian air strike named Surgical Strike 2

Indian in the wee hours of morning carried air strike on the terrorist hideouts in Pakistan (PoK). Indian Air Force daredevils dropped tons of ammunition and sneaked out even without notice. Salute to their ability and precision.
Pervez Khattak
File Picture of Pervez Khattak Pakistani Defence Minister.

For the past 13 days, Prime Minister Modi has been saying that he has given free hand to the Indian armed forces to eliminate the terrorists who are creating problems for the peace and security of India. And lo, the Indian Air Force has finally carried out Surgical Strike-2 eliminated training camps of the terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in Balakot.

The Pakistan Defence Minister Pervez Khattak said post Indian strike, “Our air force was ready but since it was dark they could not assess the damage so they waited and now there is a clear direction that if there is any other similar attack we will respond adequately.” This led to another war of words between India and Pakistani people not on the battlegrounds actually but on the Social Media. Are the Ministers of the present times are brainless!

The Mirage 2000 Indian war machines entered the Pakistani territories in the early morning of February 26, 2019, and dropped 1000 kgs of bombs as per the media reports. It was also reported that there were casualties of more than 300 people. Indeed, when there is a huge amount of bombing the casualties have to happen in large numbers. Indian Air Force took a remarkable step and all the 12 Mirage 2000 aircraft came home safely. Salute to the pilots who have been the part of this operation.

This air strike was due to the time and again words from India to Pakistan to restrain the terrorist activities and stop supporting the numerous terrorist groups which are being nurtured in their territory. Rather for the past many years, Pakistan has been the breeding ground for the terrorist.

Whole world has been monitoring this episode. The US, China, Britain etc have asked Pakistan to do something regarding terrorism and asked Indian not to escalate the war like situation. India has been the worst hit due to terrorist activities of Pakistan. It is our major problem and we being a peace-loving country have been number time tried to find solution for the same with Pakistan through dialogue, but all in vain. We had to do it and have done it. Now, will the superpowers try to pressurise Pakistan and find a solution for peace in the Indian sub-continent? The question is WHEN?

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