India will prosper immensely when all genders have equal opportunities: Kalki Subramaniam

Kalki Subramaniam
Transgender artist Kalki Subramaniam

Chennai, Aug 14 : Kalki Subramaniam is a celebrated transgender artist, activist, actor and author. She is also the founder of Sahodari Foundation, an organisation that promotes transgender rights and equality. Kalki recently released her book ‘We Are Not The Others’, which is receiving rave reviews.

Transgender artist Kalki Subramaniam was one of the major campaigners in advocating legal rights recognition for transgender people, which the Supreme Court upheld in April 2104. She has addressed the Harvard University and many such prestigious institutions. She lives in Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.

Ahead of the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence, Kalki speaks exclusively to IANS on her idea of [email protected] Excerpts from the interview:

Q: What are your thoughts on [email protected]?

A: India is transforming. India is like no other country, so diverse and different. From our landscapes to food and clothes and languages, we are different, yet as a nation we are so strong. I am proud of being an Indian. It is a blessing.

Q: As India turns 75, what is your one big idea for positive change/transformation of India?

A: The human power and potential of women and transgender people is untapped because of the gender disparity and inequality. When that changes and when all genders have equal opportunities, the country could grow enormously.

Q: Why do you think this particular transformation is important?

A: It is important because we will be able to use our intelligence and creativity for strengthening the spirit of the country for its prosperous future.

Q: How should India go about achieving this transformation?

A: Policies and laws should be introduced to break the imbalance in equality. We need an atmosphere where women and trans people will be able to exercise their rights freely without fear and prejudice, which in a long run will empower the growth of this great nation.

Q: What are your own plans to turn this idea into reality?

A: As an Indian, a civilian of the country and as an activist, I empower the ostracised transgender community by being a role model and through my different creative projects. Apart from that, I have been working with academicians, media, judiciary and the policymakers to create an enabling environment which upholds gender justice for the transgender and LGBTQ+ community.

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