India today is free, but once again it is under threat: Rahul Gandhi in Bahrain

Rahul Gandhi Addresses GOPIO
Rahul Gandhi Addresses GOPIO

Rahul Gandhi while addressing NRIs in Bahrain said,”I am here to tell you what you mean to our country, that you’re important, to tell you there is a serious problem at home, to tell you that you’re part of the solution and that I am here to build a bridge between wherever you are in the world and home.”

“All of you in this room are proof that India can bridge any gap that is put before it.No global vision for India can be built without you.Together,we must steer India back to its original strengths,we need to make India the centrepiece of ahimsa &compassion,” he added.

Rahul Gandhi in Bahrain also talked about how India under the leadership of Modi government has changed its motive from Job creation,the removal of poverty and the building of a world-class education system in India to hat you are allowed to eat, who is allowed to protest or what we cannot say. He said,”Today is at an 8 year low. New investments are the lowest they have been in 13 years, bank credit growth has sunk to a 63 year low.”

Rahul urged NRIs in India to join hands and work together for the pregress of the country.

“Together, we must steer India back to its original strengths, we need to make India the centrepiece of ahimsa, of non-violence, of compassion,”Rahul said.

Urging for a peaceful world Rahul said that we need to bring our conversation back from violence and hatred to one of progress, jobs and love between our people. And we cannot do that at home without our largest skill base on the planet – all you people in this room.

Meanwhile talking about Congress’s vision, he said, Our vision is to builds bridges and is compassionate – it is a tried and tested vision that has fought for India in its toughest moments.”

Rahul while talking about the freedom struggle praised NRIs and said,”Ours, more than any other vision, because of the struggle and because of our victory in India’s liberation, is a vision that has strong roots in the NRI community.”

Earlier in his first foreign trip after becoming the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi on Monday reached Bahrain.

The newly elected Congress president will address a convention of NRIs in gulf country.

Rahul Gandhi met the King Hamas bin Isa Al Khalifa. Congress President Rahul Gandhi gifted HH Prince Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa books written by former PM Nehru while in prison including Discovery of India.

Rahul also met  H.R.H Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and the Foreign Minister HE Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa. The Crown Prince congratulated Mr. Gandhi on becoming Congress President.

Earlier the Congress president arrives at Bahrain Sam Pitroda Shashi Tharoor and members of GOPIO received him at the airport.

Gandhi will be the chief guest at the valedictory session of a function organized by Global Organisation of People of India Origin (GOPIO) there on Monday.

Prior to his visit Rahul Gandhi tweeted,”NRIs are the true representatives of our soft power and the brand ambassadors of our nation across the globe. Looking forward to meeting and addressing fellow countrymen in Bahrain tomorrow.”


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