India to spend $223 billion to acquire weapons


India will be spending  $223 billion (Rs 15 Lakh crore) in next decade to acquire weapon systems  to boost up military  preparedness.

The acquisitions of military equipment involves naval, aerial and land based systems .Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is working on the mission of modernization of Indian defence forces as per the ” long term perspective planning ” which has been drawn by the military for 2012-2027.

The weapons include 500 helicopters, 12 submarines, 100 single engine fighter jets and over 120 twin engine fighter aircraft and aircraft carrier.

The ministry has allocated $12.69 in the financial year ending March 2017.The aim is to replace men with smarter systems to make our defence high-tech.

Apart form this, India is set to purchase weapons from Russia worth $7billion.

Air Force  will be getting 22 Apache attack and 15 Chincook heavy lift helicopters . The IAF require a total of 4440 light,reconnaissance and surveillance helicopters .


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