India to address socio economic issues, may oppose US and China at G20

As world’s top 19 leaders are all set to discuss “key global issues,” including the state of the global economy post brexit, geopolitical and security concerns, amidst mounting terrorist attacks in EU, at eleventh G-20 summit starting Sunday at China’s Hangzhou, India looks forward to a “strong,” “productive” and “outcome” oriented meeting.

“We will discuss putting the global economy on the track of sustainable steady growth and responding to emerging and entrenched social, security and economic challenges,” said the PM ahead his Summit visit.

India seeks to find solutions and take forward the agenda for a robust, inclusive and sustainable international economic order that uplifts the socio-economic conditions of people across the world, especially those who need it most in developing countries, said the Prime Minister.

The key concerns at the Summit are choking terror funding, checking tax evasion, and cutting cost of remittances and market access for key drugs.

Despite US and China being the key participants, India is also poised to oppose two key proposals submitted by the host China on setting up a research centre for information on “corrupt” persons and another one from the United States on specifying a date for ending “fossil fuel subsidies” at the world’s top 20 Leaders summit, as reported by Indian Express.

The source also disclosed that the United States had actually proposed a non-paper last year that called upon all countries to agree to a ‘certain date’ on ending fuel subsidies.

Speaking on Chinese proposal, he explained the agreement seeks database of “persons sought for corruption and asset recovery.” As china has not shared details about the proposal in which they initially termed ‘fugitives’ instead of ‘persons sought for corruption,’ “we do not support it.” The government would certainly wait for more details on the China proposal he said.

He added “When US takes the lead, most others take the cue. In fact, Western countries are ahead of the US in setting the discourse on issues such as climate change.” India pitches in for clean coal-based fuel and is also trying for technology transfer in this area, he said. However, subsidy on cooking gas for poor and supply of free electricity to farmers cannot be done away with he added.

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