India retain 105th spot, Germany tops FIFA rankings

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Zurich, Dec 21: Indian football team retained its 105th position while Germany finished first to be named the ‘Team of the Year’ in the FIFA rankings released here on Thursday.

With  320 points, the Sunil Chhetri-led team, who were not scheduled to play any international fixtures since the previous rankings were released last month, retained their spot.

According to the FIFA, World champions Germany, who qualified to defend their crown in Russia by clinching all 10 of their qualifiers and have been unbeaten in 15 matches in 2017, succeed Argentina and Belgium, who were ‘Team of the Year’ in 2016 as well as in 2015.

Germany sealed the top position in a largely unchanged ranking that reflects the fact that just 41 ‘A’ internationals have been played since the last edition and that few of those involved teams at the top end of the table.


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