India-Pakistan Diplomatic breakdown creates war like situation

Ceasefire violation

In its short period of 70 years,Pakistan has often witnessed toppling of civilian governments by Army dictators but the country is now heading for a soft coup as the civilian government of Nawaz Sharif has lost its credibility due to alleged corruption revealed in Panama papers which is being probed by a judge of Supreme Court with full sentencing powers unprecedented decision in the history of any democratic country.Even posters came up in major cities by an obscure party called Move on Pakistan urging Pakistani Army chief Gen. Raheel Shairf to take over the country in a military coup

 The taking over of Civilian government by the Army general is detrimental to the neighbouring India due to prolonged Kashmir crisis and the continuous border violations along the Line of Control and the International Border.

India had always been facing trouble as and when the Army dictators were ruling Pakistan  and this time the situation in the country has been further compounded due to policies of the Modi government unleashing communal clashes resulting in distrust between the communities in Jammu and Kashmir and UP which will determine the fate of the BJP government at the centre.

Further both the countries are heading for a breakdown of diplomatic ties over spying allegations and recall of staffers by India and Pakistan. After India accused Mehmoood Akhtar, official of Pakistan High Commission of espionage ,the Pakistan accused officials of Indian HC as agents of RAW and IB.

Pakistan has claimed that India has breached an understanding by revealing the identities of certain Pakistan officials posted in New Delhi.Both sides knew that certain officials were working under cover .

Pakistan Army has been pushing for a greater role that gained momentum after surgical strikes as 2003 ceasefire agreement ceased to exist and with daily ceasefire violations and targeting of Indian posts, the bilateral-diplomatic ties heading towards a breakdown.

At the same time India’s domestic political situation is precipitating fast with the ruling Samajwadi party in Uttar Pradesh  (which sends the largest number of MPs in the Lok Sabha) facing unprecedented split and Congress along with JD(U)and BSP asserting a major comeback in the elections due in May.

Fearing defeat in UP, BJP is leaving no stone unturned to further escalate border issues and communalise the situation creating religious and political intolerance. The war like situation developing between India and Pakistan is not conducive to the interests of India, Pakistan and the region.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist



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