‘India not short of ideas, needs mentors’: PM Modi on developing tier 2 cities

Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that India has lot of potential which needs to be utilised to make it a global leader. Addressing a NASSCOM event, PM Modi urged the IT industry veterans to look for talent in smaller cities of the country.

“India is not short of ideas, it needs mentors to turn those ideas into realities,” the Prime Minister said during the address via video conferencing.

“There are many young innovators in smaller cities, they want your support. Government is planning to build infrastructure in tier 2 cities, to help all of you,” he added.

He then lauded the efforts of the country’s IT sector during the Covid-19 crisis. “At a time when every sector was affected due to Corona, you achieved a two per cent growth. It’s commendable if India’s IT industry adds 4 billion dollars to its revenue at a time when suspicions of de-growth were being cast,” said PM Modi.

The Prime Minister then asked those present at the event to create world-class products “that will set the global benchmark on excellence”. “There can be no compromise on these goals. Without them, we will also be a follower and not a global leader,” said PM Modi.

The markets in tier 2 cities – outside the metro cities – have picked up fast in the last few years. The incentives were introduced by the Modi government during its first term.

These incentives include tax rebates and government’s push for affordable housing to attract companies and people.

Another factor that has worked for the smaller cities is that, as the gaps in infrastructure and lifestyle have narrowed, businesses have moved in, drawing migrant professionals, creating a melting pot culture that is more cosmopolitan and urban, and eventually drawing people back home to those cities from prime metros.

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