India facing 14-year low with regard to investments, says Rahul Gandhi in Dubai

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi , Image – Congress Twitter

Jan 12 : Concerned about the India’s economic condition, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that India is facing a 14-year low with regard to investments while also giving his views on India-Pakistan ties.

“India is facing a 14-year low with regard to investments. A couple of ill-advised economic policies like Demonetisation and GST has vitiated the atmosphere. We will put an end to the anger that has been spread by BJP,”Rahul Gandhi said.
“I’m all for peaceful relationship with Pakistan, but, I will absolutely not tolerate violence being carried out on innocent Indians by the Pakistani state,” Gandhi said.

“BSP and SP have made a political decision. It’s on us on how to strengthen the Congress party in Uttar Pradesh and we will fight with our full capacity,” he said in Dubai on the Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) alliance in Uttar Pradesh.

“PM Modi helped Mr. Anil Ambani steal ₹30,000Cr. I haven’t yet got the answer for whether Defence Ministry officials objected to PM bypassing the Rafale deal,” Congress President said.

“They have taken a decision in Uttar Pradesh, and we will have to take our own decision too. The Congress has lots to offer to the people of Uttar Pradesh. I have tremendous respect for the leaders of the BSP and Samajwadi Party, and recognise that they have the right to do what they want,” he said at a media conference in Dubai.

Modi sacked CBI Chief over Rafale

Gandhi on Saturday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the removal of former CBI Chief Alok Verma, saying that Modi “sacked” Verma without hearing him and was too “terrified” to let him stay in his post for the briefest period.

“The Prime Minister is currently being held hostage by the Rafale scam. A person who has sacked the CBI Chief twice in a row and is terrified to let the CBI Chief sit there for fifteen minutes has no business talking about anything,” Gandhi said while addressing media here in Dubai.

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