India-China standoff : PM Modi cannot blame Nehru-Gandhi family

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Whenever Prime minister wants to implement a policy he allows his ministers and lawmakers to issue controversial statements and create a confusion in society. The latest allegation by BJP leader Sudhanshu Trivedi is that Nehru-Gandhi family and the Abdullah family are responsible for the incumbent crisis in Kashmir. BJP workers, leaders and ministers are working on a strategy apparently dictated by PM Modi for creating an atmosphere which shows all the losses in Kashmir as well as during 1962 Indo-China war and the present plight in India-China relations were the result of mishandling and wrong policies of the previous Congress prime ministers starting from Nehru himself.

Prime Minister who assumed power in 2014 did not focus on the strengthening of the defence arsenal and preparedness for engaging against the crisis in Kashmir and border areas. Inspite of being aware that Pakistan and the terrorists were in the know that Gujarat riots happened under his chief minister-ship. On the other hand Prime Minister himself, ministers and his party lawmakers were engaged in issuing excited statements against Pakistan and China without making any preparations on the defence front.

Actually Modi government is claiming credit for isolating Pakistan but the realty is quite different as U.S. in its 2015 country report on terrorism has stated that Pakistan has failed to act substantially against terror groups including Haqqani network that the same language has been repeated in the 2016 report by U.S. President Donald Trump. Infact, Pakistan was isolated during the period of Manmohan Singh led government. Now, Modi government after becoming an ally of America is working on a similar approach to deal with China-India standoff. But first of all Modi government should make its country politically, economically and militarily strong enough to present itself as a strong force to china and other rivals in the neighbourhood.

Working on a strategy to accuse opposition of previous leaders or former prime ministers will only weaken the country as Modi ‘s dictatorial style of functioning will always become a soft target for rivals and the government itself will be suffering with misapprehensions.

The strong language being used by China and the PLA threatening India to withdraw its forces from the Doklam area should be taken seriously lest India suffers reverses in which case the blame will be entirely on PM Narendra Modi who is at the helms of affairs at present and nobody will listen to his excuse of pointing fingers to the old Congress leadership.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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