India-China stand-off: India to ensure it’s prestige is not compromised again

Narendra Modi-Xi Jinping

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi had an informal talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the BRICS leaders informal gathering on a range of issues, one must not have high hopes or undue apprehensions from the meeting as soon after their conversation, China’s state -run media issued an advice for the Indian troops to withdraw immediately from the Donglang region as a precondition for dialogue.

The three-weeks long stand-off between Indian troops  and PLA troops in the Doka La has heightened the tensions between New Delhi and Beijing. Doka La is a pass in Doklam Plateau and is near to the tri-junction border of India, Bhutan and China.

Whenever there is a point of a conflict between India and China, Chinese authorities issue warnings through its sate-run Xinhua news agency and this time after the leaders met at Hamburg, the Chinese commentary on the site titled “immediate withdrawal is only wise move for India”appeared as a “precondition for any meaningful dialogue” between the two sides.

This reinforced China’s position that a resolution of the standoff is possible only if India orders its troops to withdraw. New Delhi has expressed its serious apprehensions over Beijing constructing a road in the Sikkim sector of the LAC in view of its security concerns. When has already made it abundantly clear that their borders with Bhutan and Sikkim cannot be changed on the basis of security concerns of India and that India should not forget the lessons learnt by it in 1962 war, it wall be advisable for India not to repeat the old approach and make their forces more demoralized in case China chooses to repeat the actions of 1962 when India had to retreat deep until Chinese withdraw unilaterally.

Narendra Modi , who called Jinping as his true friend after becoming Prime Minister,had not pointed  out  the incursions by China in Uttarakhand  and North-east during his tenure and now he will be seen on weak grounds to raise all the pertinent issues at this belated stage.

If Modi government considers it can outdo China in military action then it will have to strengthen its forces to outdo the Chinese actions to restore India’s prestige , only then it should undertake the confrontation.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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