India-China flag meeting inconclusive amid stand-off

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New Delhi, Aug 12: Another flag meeting between Indian and Chinese Army officers over the ongoing stand-off in Doklam remained inconclusive, as New Delhi asked Beijing to stop its road construction activity in Bhutanese territory, sources said.

The flag meeting at the designated point in Nathu-La on Friday was attended by two top army officers and a Major General rank officer from the Indian side.

Usually, flag meetings are held between Brigadier level officers.

Another flag meeting is expected to be held soon and may involve a more senior Lieutenant General level officer, according to the sources.

On Friday, it was reported that the Indian Army was on a high alert along the eastern border.

Army officers, however, refused to comment on the situation, and denied that any alert was issued.

The stand-off close to the tri-junction of India-China-Bhutan started on June 16, after a construction party from China’s People’s Liberation Army entered the Doklam area and attempted to construct the road.

The Royal Bhutan Army patrol attempted to dissuade them and the ambassador of Bhutan publicly stated that it lodged a protest with the Chinese government through their embassy in New Delhi on June 20.

While Beijing is claiming that Indian soldiers are on Chinese territory, New Delhi has said as far as the boundary in the Sikkim sector is concerned, India and China had reached an understanding in 2012 reconfirming their mutual agreement on the “basis of the alignment”.

Further discussions regarding finalisation of the boundary have been taking place under the Special Representatives framework.


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