Increasing petrol prices made PM Modi and Amitabh bachchan’s tweet go viral

Oil prices in India are on a continuous rise whereas crude oil prices are falling. The petrol prices in Delhi has increased from 63 rupees 39 paise on 14th September to 70 rupees 39 paise today.

Government is being criticised for not transferring the benefits of falling crude oil prices to the people. Apart from denouncing the government people are also taking a jibe at PM Narendra Modi and Bollywood super star Amitabh Bachchan on their old tweets on petrol oil prices when UPA was in power.

Narendra Modi in his tweet on 23rd May 2012 said,” Massive hike in petrol prices is a prime example of the failure of Congress-led UPA. This would put a burden of hundreds of crore on Guj.”

It was also the when crude oil price was on the peak. Meanwhile, the Bollywood super star on 24th May 2012 said,” Petrol up Rs 7.5: Pump attendant- ‘Kitne ka daloon? ! Mumbaikar- ‘2-4 rupee ka car ke upar spray kar de bhai, jalana hai !!’

Now when petrol price is continuously increasing but both the personalities are mum over it, this silence is not bearable for Twitterati who wants their reaction on the current petrol price

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