In Modi’s India, Muslims not treated fairly: Muslim family who converted to Hinduism

Oct 3 : A Muslim family was converted to Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh so that the investigations into the “murder” of a family member can take place in a fair manner in  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India .

Thirteen members of a Muslim family in Baghpat converted to Hinduism with the help from a  rightwing group  Yuva Hindu Vahini-Bharat after the police allegedly did not conduct fair investigation into the death of a member of their family.

Dharam Singh, member of the family said, “My name was Akhtar Ali, I have changed my religion because the police did not investigate our case in a fair manner, even the Muslim community did not stand in our support.”

“In Modi’s India, Muslims not treated fairly. I demand justice,” he added.

He claimed that they embraced Hinduism because of the lack of support from their community after the “murder” of a family member. The police claimed it to be a suicide.

But now they expect “justice from our new community”.


On July 22, Gulhasan was found dead, hanging from the roof of his store. The family claimed he was killed by business rivals in the village as on July 11 he had a scuffle with them .  No FIR was lodged in connection with the scuffle.

They stated after the police did not file FIR , they decided to move court seeking an FIR into the death. “Under the court’s direction a murder case was registered against four residents of Navada village on August 28,” said Dinesh Kumar. Yuva Hindu Vahini-Bharat claimed that it is case of Ghar-Wapsi.








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