In India, person goes mad if elected as MLA: Goa Governor

Satyapal Malik

Panaji, Dec 2 : Imploring politicians to emulate Mahatma Gandhi vis a vis adoption of morality and humility in public life, Goa Governor Satya Pal Malik on Monday said that in India, a person becomes mad (with power) if he is elected as an MLA.

“I want to say one thing. He (Mahatma Gandhi) had no pride. Today, in India, a person becomes mad after he becomes an MLA,” Malik said, while speaking at a function organised by the Goa government’s Art and Culture Ministry to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

“He (Gandhi) introduced morality in politics. The first reference to morality in public life was made by Buddha. Mahatma Gandhi directed everyone to adopt morality in public life. It is a big thing. First we had Chanakyaneeti, according to which in statecraft you could do anything. You could cheat, betray trust, you could do anything. This changed with Bapu,” Malik said.

The Governor also said that Buddha was the world’s greatest personality because he discovered a path to Nirvana in life.

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