In Nehru-Gandhi’s pocket borough, BJP to rope in Businessman Ajay Harinath Singh

Ajay Harinath Singh

New Delhi, July 11 : The BJP is likely to rope in billionaire Ajay Harinath Singh who is Mumbai-based businessmen having roots in Sultanpur which is just adjacent to constituencies of Amethi and Raebareli, the pocket borough of Nehru-Gandhi family.

The Sultanpur constituency currently is represented by Maneka Gandhi in Lok Sabha. The BJP plans to rope in Ajay Harinath Singh ahead of next year’s assembly polls to take maximum advantage of the Rajput dominated region.

“Ajay Harinath Singh has been approached by top leaders of the Bhartiya Janta Party with offers to hold key position in the party,” a source said, adding that he has been active in Sultanpur through his works of philanthropy.

Ajay Harinath Singh is heading Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC) – a global business conglomerate from India as Chairman. When IANS contacted Ajay Harinath, he did not divulge details of his association with the BJP but said, “the future of the Indian Republic rests on the shoulders of young leaders, who are fresh, energetic, as they are expected to provide the much-needed energy to the Indian political scenario.”

“At national level, the 16th Lok Sabha has 47 of them. In 2024, the 17th Lok Sabha may see the number increasing to 100. By 2029, it can safely be assumed that the Indian electorate, constituting huge young voters, would be much more mature and make a well-thought out decision to choose a young leader.”

The BJP has already captured Amethi and in recent Zilapanchayat polls it has swept the state but in Sultanpur, the tough challenge could be Samajwadi Party which is also betting on Rajput votes in the region.

Rough estimates say in Uttar Pradesh, the total population of Brahmins (9 Per cent), Rajputs (4 per cent), Vaishya (4 per cent) and other upper castes account for nearly 20 per cent. Muslims and Dalits constitute the same 20 per cent and OBCs nearly 40 per cent.

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