Imran Khan asks Pakistanis to not go to Kashmir to fight jihad

Imran Khan Pakistan PM

Islamabad, Sep 19 : Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned Pakistanis not to go to Kashmir to fight jihad, saying it will hurt the cause of the Kashmiris and made it clear that there will be no talks with India unless New Delhi lifts curfew in Kashmir and revoke the abrogation of Article 370.

“Anyone from Pakistan wanting to fight in Kashmir or go for jihad in Kashmir would do the greatest injustice to the Kashmiris. Such an act would be an act of animosity towards the Kashmiris,” Khan added.

Khan pledged to present the “Kashmir case” at the UN General Assembly “like no one ever did before”.He made the statement at a presser on Wednesday after inaugurating the Integrated Transit Trade Management System at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Dawn news reported.

The Prime Minister said that “unless they (New Delhi government) lift curfew in Kashmir and rescind the revocation of Article 370, there is no chance of negotiations (with India)”.

He also warned against Pakistanis wanting to go and fight in Kashmir.

The Prime Minister’s remarks come a day ahead of his trip to Saudi Arabia on Thursday before departing to the US to attend the 74th General Assembly session.

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