Imagine if their can be a space shuttle on wheels


It’s completely mind-blowing after seeing a concept mini cooper which is like a space shuttle on wheels. MINI Cooper a parent company of BMW group, completely decided to release the video of concept vehicle which is the futuristic new look of MINI Cooper and the company calls it as “MINI Vision Next 100”.

The most apparent thing about this car is that it can be personalised for each user and the interactive light messages greets a new driver on the floor in front of the side door, as well as personalised messages on the dashboard. Once you are inside the car you are really going to feel the complete automation process which reflects the unique concept of the car. When the users get inside the car, the steering wheel and gas/brake pedals slide over to your side of the door for convenience.

The most striking feature of the car is The Cooperiser, Layered in mostly translucent plastic but much of it with a changing exterior graphics. The current display of the MINI looks like a circular device except this one is a light-based interactive control interface that takes the dash to the next level, allowing you to control speed, Climate and other features.

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Source : RichestCorner

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