IIMC suspends student for making ‘sweeping statements’ against institute


New Delhi, Jan 12, 2017: A student of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) has been suspended for allegedly posting “sweeping statements” against the institute through his writings in online media and “provoking” his batch mates over the same.

Hindi Journalism student Rohin Verma had written a post against the termination of the contract of Academic Associate Narender Singh Rao. In a letter dated January 9, the institute authorities stated that Verma had violated the code of conduct for IIMC students.

In a notice issued on Monday, the institute said, “It has been noticed that he has been making wild allegations against the Institute through his writings in online media on a matter which is subjudice and provoking students to create unrest in the campus and thereby vitiating the academic atmosphere.”

IIMC Director General KG Suresh told media that the student had made “sweeping statements” against the institute, pertaining to a case which is sub-judice.

“He has been suspended and asked to appear before a disciplinary committee, but he has been trying to provoke other students as well. This suspension is based on flouting the disciplinary norms that all institutes have and has nothing to do with discrimination,” he said.

A teacher, Narendra Singh Rao’s was recently sacked. Rao has recently moved the Delhi High Court against the decision.

The student is also learnt to have written a letter to Suresh, asking him to withdraw the suspension order, failing which he would start “democratic protest”.

However, Verma denied making any defamatory post online. “I have been writing in online media for long. I wrote a news report which had all facts and quotes by the DG given to another media outlet which I have embedded in my story. Even the guards have been given my pictures so that they can stop me from entering the campus,” he said.

Verma said the move is unnecessary as journalists routinely write about issues which are subjudice. “Coalgate, 2G scam and many other scams are sub-judice but journalists write about them. I am in a media institute where I should be taught freedom of expression but I am being penalised for writing a news report,” he said.

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