I want to ask BJP why Srijan scam is not being investigated? says Congress


Manish Tewari on Saturday after CBI special court’s Verdict on Lalu Yadav said,” Lalu Yadav has been fighting this legal battle since 1996. It started when BJP leaders filed PIL against him in Patna HC. He & his lawyers are capable of fighting this case. I want to ask BJP why Srijan scam is not being investigated?.”

Meanwhile health minister JP Nadda said,” Lalu Prasad Yadav is even now politicizing the issue instead of accepting the verdict, just to deviate he is leveling allegations of conspiracy on BJP. “

“The alliance between Congress and Lalu Yadav’s party is an alliance of corruption,connivance and cheating the people of India, it is clear from the verdict of the court,”he added.

 Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stated his perception to media and told”,For me, it is a matter of some personal assurance that I had the privilege to argue the PIL in Patna High Court in the early 90s leading to the institution of CBI inquiry which was strongly opposed by the then state govt headed by Lalu Yadav.”

“Lesson of today’s conviction of Lalu Prasad is that law will catch up with you if you commit corruption,” he added.


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