I saw “Neerja shot dead in the head”


I saw neerja getting shot.she was shot dead in her head.sitting in the sixth row from the front”said Dr.kishore murthy.while recalling those dreadful moments of 5 sept,1986 ,when the Pan am flight 73  was on its way from mumbai to newyork hijacked by four terrorists in karachi.Among 380 passengers in the flight 20 were killed in the fireshots.The  23 years fearless neerja bhanot a flight attendant who saved the lives of many passengers also shot dead by the leader of the terrorist group in those crisis.

Dr.kishore murthy  and his wife Dr.veena barathi who were in the flight at that time worked closely with Atul khasbekar ,the producer of the movie for the  documentation of neerja’ s life.Neerja’s biopic has to be screened on friday.

According to the duo, even in that horrified moments neerja was calm and efficient.she was the one who informed the captain and pilot about the possible hijack.she was constantly guiding the passengers to the emergency exit.The hijackers were having an on eye neerja , helping passengers to go out thus atlast they shot her dead.unfortunately the coffin was collected after one day of her birthday by her family members.

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