‘I Know You’ is a horror film with logic: Actor Mujahid Khan

Actor Mujahid Khan

Mumbai, Oct 17 : Actor Mujahid Khan, who will next be seen in “I Know You”, has said that the upcoming horror film is very logical unlike other Hindi films of the genre.

“We have generally seen the hardcore horror that are films being made in Hindi cinema, but our film is different than those films because there are elements of thriller with the horror. This film gets unfolded after a certain period of time, so I think it’s a kind of unpredictable thriller along with real horror,” claimed Mujahid while interacting with media at an event to promote “I Know You” on Wednesday in Mumbai.

“I Know You”, he added, is a logical horror film. “This film is really fastpaced and is very logical. You will not feel the appearance of a ghost or a spirit in the frame is sudden, unlike other horror films. Until now, I haven’t seen a logical horror film in my career,” he said.

Makers of the film have experimented with Mujahid’s character. “Our director felt that I come across as a romantic and chocolate hero and he wanted a rough look for the central character for the film. So, we tried a different kind of look with my hair and beard and, finally, we got a suitable look for my character. I am excited that people will get to see me in a new look in this film,” said Mujahid.

“I Know You” is written and directed by Jayveer Panghaal and stars Mujahid Khan along with Akhilesh Verma, Riyana Sukla, Nikita Soni, Sagarika and Agast Anand in key roles.

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