I don’t have a laptop, says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

San Francisco, May 25: At the time when people run some of the major tech companies across the globe, it is assumed they have accessed to various the finest gadgets available and obviously, use them too. However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is an exception.

In a recent interview, Dorsey revealed that he does not use a laptop and does everything from his smartphone, Mashable reported.

Dorsey came up with this when he was asked about his own online security practices.

Twitter CEO stated he turns off the notifications and uses one application at a time. With this, he is able to focus on that is in front of him instead of everything coming at once on a laptop.

But is it possible to type out everything on the small screen? For Dorsey, it is the dictation and voice-typing tools which help him use the phone as a laptop.

Speaking about privacy and security, Dorsey said it is important to be aware and mindful of the tools you have to protect your data and know what data a company or service has on you.


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