Hrithik – Kangana cold war leads to legal mess


New depths plumbed between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday, as the former sends a legal notice demanding a public apology for defaming him and the letter responding in kind with a 22-page massive of her own.

The legal notice was sent on February 26 by advocate Dipesh Mehta which alleges that Kangana is trying to create an image in the film industry, print and social media of her and Hrithik having had a relationship. Hrithik’s side alleges that there was no such relationship and that she has been trying to propagate false ideas to gain cheap publicity.

The controversy erupted on May 24, 2014, when they met at Karan Johar’s birthday party. Kangana approached Hrithik and thanked him for appreciating her work in Queen (2014) . Hrithik said he had never congratulated her and nor has he seen her movie. Later on it has also been claimed that Kangana has been sending an average of around 50 e-mails a day and a total of 1439 mails.

Actress also alleged that the actor has been  chasing her through mails and other mediums. Kangana has alleged Hrithik “took advantage of his impending divorce to play with her emotions, justifying the cheap publicity statement Kangana said “In her 10-year career she has done lots of films, has gained enough publicity which has made her one of the highest paid actors that had bagged her several awards till date.

Hrithik had given Kangana seven days’ time to hold a press conference and tender an apology.

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