HP introduces Device-as-a-Service programme in India


HP Inc on Wednesday announced the rollout of a new Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) programme to empower businesses in India to deliver the best and safe experiences to its customers.

“HP offers services and solutions that grow with enterprises and organisations, enabling them to leapfrog whole technologies, connect across geographies in India and even global markets,” Rajiv Shrivastava, managing director, HP Inc India, said in a statement.

“As the final touch-point to their customer and employee, the right device is just the start. It is about how you manage that device, ensuring flexibility, integrating the right application and keeping it secure till it is replaced,” he added.

With HP Device-as-a-Service, the organisations can use their personal computers like a utility with the help of customised service and support from HP.

The organisations pay one price per seat on a monthly basis over a three or four year period. Apart from the ability to upgrade to the latest HP commercial desktop, notebooks, and tablets for subsequent contract periods, HP’s customised services include computer configuration and software installation, onsite break-fix, data migration and proactive support.

HP DaaS incorporates services, support and eventual disposal as part of one overall services agreement.

This is different from typical leasing agreements where personal computer acquisition, setup and maintenance are covered under separate contracts, meaning that organisations can now enjoy more predictable annual costs and greater ease from having to manage just one contract during their entire personal computer’s lifecycle.

HP DaaS also covers secure and responsible disposal of devices, a final phase in the personal computer lifecycle that is often overlooked and risk the leak of sensitive information.

The service was first implemented with Maruti Suzuki in India, with a focus on empowering their sales force with tablets that come with interactive content and serve as an on-ramp for customer information.

“Innovative service model offerings from our partners like HP is helping us to transform our customer experience. Each dealer can better identify the options that match the requirements and aspirations of our customers and address their queries more effectively and provide impeccable experience,” Rajesh Uppal, executive director, IT, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said.

With HP’s assistance, Maruti Suzuki developed an application that not only provides paperless counselling to consumers, but also makes the buying experience better by its ability to configure the vehicle right on the application.

With the application, one can choose colours, take a 360 degree view of interior and exterior of the car and also modify the accessories provided by the company.

“The devices are being used at all NEXA showrooms and some select dealers. Soon it will be distributed to all the outlets in the country,” Uppal told.

Apart from Maruti Suzuki, HP is also providing its services to SBI Life Insurance and HDFC ERGO for banking, insurance and financial services.

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