How to Use Hashtags on Social Media Network

By Arim  Zimik

New Delhi, Sep 28: We live in a world of #hashtags. It has become a hot trend to use #hashtags everywhere, even outside our  intended purpose. We respond and search the story through hashtags!

Be it twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or any other social media, including mobile messeging, ads, captions and songs, everywhere you can spot a #hashtag.

But do you really know how to hashtag?


Using #hashes incorrectly is like spoiling a language. Nevertheless , you don’t need a degree to use hashtags.

Is it an old book in a new cover?
Long before # started trending, I used to prefix  the # when giving out contact numbers.

E.g. #12345…..

It gave me a feeling of importance of the contact number. Hardly did I know that ten years later #hashtags would be a sign to search your story.

Who on the earth decided to put a pound symbol in front of a word?

#Whatisahashtag? A hashtag is a pound sign. # is also the sharp note in  a musical notation. The symbol # is used to prefix before a word, a keyword used on a social network which makes it easier for users to find a specific word or a content. The use of hash tag started  in twitter as a way of making it easier to search, used in front of the word or without a space.

It may be a little strange  to know, but the first use of  hashtag in a social media happens to be a man called ‘Chris Messina’, who earlier worked as Google developer. He tweeted the first ever hashtag in 2007. Now you know who is the Father of hashtag? Well, i started using in 2005, the only difference was, he was a google employee and I was just a blank  person about technology!

hashtags-chris messina

Why  should we hashtag? What are the benefits?

1.Hashtags makes you available and  help you get found by your target audience. A lot of people do research by searching on specific hashtags that are of interest to your ideal customer. So your chances of being found become easier.

2.Hashtags improve your click-through rates as per a  research from Buddy Media. Tweets with hashtags receive twice as much engagement as those that don’t. But avoid using too many hashtags as it looks  spammy especially on twitter but it seems to be more bias  on  Instagram.

3. Hashtags are used to collect information. Searching for a bulk sentences, google may fail to search it , hashtags makes it more quick and easier.

4. Hashtags are used because  it saves  space.  Twitter has only 140 characters only that help you search better.

How to use hashtags ?

hashtags 2#when you hashtag, be specific and make sure it matches  your story : Be Accurate what you want to say, relate to the subject. If you are writing a content, make sure that the keywords used should relate to your story. This  will draw attention, to organize, and to promote your story.

#Using hashtag is not a rocket science: You don’t need any special college degree, software, coding experience to create a hashtag.

The only secret you need to know and do  is put the pound sign directly in front of the word or phrase you want to turn into a hashtag and follow these simple rules: #No spaces : It’s  #healthiswealth and not #health is #wealth or # health is #wealth etc…

Here’s a link where Jimmy Fallon shows Justin Timberlake how to use a hashtag.

#No punctuation and no  special characters : Another thing to keep in mind is no capitalization, numbers can be included but characters like $ & % won’t work. Capitalize the first letter of each word if you have a longer hashtag especially on Facebook.

#hopeitsclear  #howtohashtag  #whatisahashtag


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