How to keep dental problems away

dental problems

New Delhi, April 22: Always look for fluoride in toothpaste and limit acidic drinks. Use dental floss to clean between your teeth at least once a day.

Saurabh Gupta, Prosthodontist and Dental Surgeon at SouthEx Dental, New Delhi, and Unnati Gupta, Nobel Fellow and Senior Implantologist, list down some basic rules for dental hygiene.

* Use dental floss or interdental brushes:
Use a slow and gentle up and down motion to floss once a day and keep your teeth shiny.

* Look for fluoride in toothpaste:
Use fluoride contains toothpaste as it helps in reducing the risk of cavities.

* Limit sugary products, soft drinks:
One should avoid over eating of sweet foods like candies and chocolates and packaged fruit juices.

* Get your teeth cleaned:
Dentist advised, once in every six months to one year go for your teeth cleaning.This would keep gums healthy and strong and helps to avoid any other abnormality of teeth.

* Do not use toothpaste for cleaning removable dentures:
Use a soft toothbrush to clean dentures under running tap water. Always remove dentures from the mouth and clean.

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