How to hide tummy bump in summer

New Delhi, April 21: Stay free in summers and do not worry about tummy bulge, follow few tips of experts to look slim and sexy.

Bhavya Chawla, Chief Stylist at Voonik, and Karieshma Sarnaa and Amrita KM, fashion designer, Shopotox, share some hacks to hide tummy bulge.

* Long flowy tops:
Flowy long tops can be a saviour as they’re designed accordingly to hide the extra fat of your body, especially your tummy bulge.

* Empire line dresses:
The dress is designed in such a way which flow outward from the waist down. They are very cool to wear in summers. They are also comfortable to wear during the summer heat.

* Mid-rise jeans :
Jeans lovers could tuck the tummy bulge in mid-rise jeans tuck thus avoiding unwanted muffin tops created around the waistline.

* Avoid colour blocking:
Go for monochromatic look or wear shades and tints of the same hue.

* Layering:
Go for sleek layers, light fabrics like ccotton, linen and others to be worn as long vests.

* Evade waist belts:
Do not use waist belts till the time you don’t get back in shape as it defines your bust and waist line.

* Pair your midis with shirts:
Combination of Midi skirts with collared shirts leaving two top buttons unbuttoned looks chic.

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