How to grab deals before you travel

It is actually possible with the deals and discounts doing rounds on the internet. You just need to learn the skill to master the art.
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You love to travel and to explore new places. What if you can travel in a way that the entire trip lands easy on your pocket? Sounds great! This is no marketing gimmick. It is actually possible with the deals and discounts doing rounds on the internet. You just need to learn the skill to master the art.

Here are some smart tricks to follow to save those extra bucks.


Planning is the keyword if you want to travel while having complete control over your finances. Your tickets should be booked at least six months before the date of your trip. For instance, if you are planning a New Year’s Eve trip, your tickets should be booked by August, if you want to grab good deals. These days the airlines also dole out attractive offers of reduced air fares at least two times in a year. Just grab them.

Keep a track on the fares and note when they go low or high. One way to do this is by getting fare alerts in your inbox by signing up on websites that help in tracking. Also, remember that it’s not necessary that the airfare and hotel booking service providers offer the lowest fares. Do check the airline websites because they often offer exclusive rates.

The advice to plan in advance is also valid for train reservations. If you are planning to board a Rajdhani, plan in advance because as per the new algorithm, as the seats get booked in the train, the fares keep on moving up. You might end up spending Rs 800-1000 more than the usual, when booking closer to the day of journey.

Be different

Another mantra to cut down on your holiday expenses is being different and going against the flow. Observe the preferences of most of the travelers and do just the opposite. If you can travel during night and save the other day, do that, because there are chances for you to grab low air fares during the night time.

Make your own package

After you have decided upon the destination to travel to, check out the travel portals and figure out where you can find the best deals. Avail coupon codes and limited time period offers. And if you are not getting the deal that you expect, make your own package. Book your flights and hotel yourself after keeping a track on them. It will indeed be less than what the packages offer. You will end up investing more time, but after all it is for your own holiday!

Service apartments instead of hotels

Whether you are planning a week long holiday in India or a stay in a foreign country that may stretch for weeks, cutting down the cost of accommodation ends up in significant savings. Without sacrificing your personal comfort and safety, you can find service apartment options on accommodation booking websites, such as Airbnb and Oyo.

Several big or small cities and hill stations offer service apartments that charge the visitors by the day and offer home-like comfort that commercially-styled hotels can’t. Facilities, such as meals and laundry are offered at normal charges or are included in room fare too.

Interestingly, it is also seen these days that people just don’t book a hotel on prior basis and select one after they reach the destination. This is mainly because when you book a hotel online, you don’t know where it is located, is it on a height or too away from the city centre that commuting becomes a hassle. However, there is a risk that runs in this idea, but travelling is for the brave and free hearts. Isn’t it?

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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