How to go for social media grand wedding

New Delhi, Sep 9: Indian weddings are becoming huge day-by-day. Now, getting streamed online has become a trend. Choreographed pre-wedding video in some exotic location is trendy. But it’s not easy to plan a social media savvy wedding, say experts.

Sanaa Vohra, Founder and CEO of The Wedding Brigade, which is a destination for wedding needs, and wedding jewellery expert Kartik Nayyar, Founder of OSR Jewellers that are into making semi-precious jewellery, have a few suggestions:

* Have a hashtag: Cliched customized hashtag lends a touch of personalised regular wedding to something meaningful to the couple, a play on their initials or a cute personal joke include decor, wedding related pictures and conversations. It’s an easy day to find wedding photos on Instagram too.

* Customize the ceremony: Add some fun elements to the celebration to make it your own as the function will become memorable and beyond the imagination.

A sweet entry by the bride and groom, a thoughtful toast by the best friends or a fun game.

* Decor drama: Give the venue a personal touch with elements like couple photo in an innovative way, having sweet centrepieces with personal stories or a message tree.

* Include everyone: Perfect shots are those which include everyone with perfection which is to be framed in living room. Make sure all the moments that matter are captured and posted for posterity, including memories your photographer capture.

* Have fun: Whether you’re planning a large scale extravaganza or a private intimate affair, remember to enjoy yourself and not get too caught up in achieving perfection!

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