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How these Branding Doctors are Changing the Game of Brand Management?




New Delhi, Jan 13: With 200 startups shutting down their operations in India in 2016, time has come to rebuild &
rethink about the branding and marketing strategies for all businesses, not just to survive, but to sustain and increase market share.

The reason of these shutdowns is mostly because these brands failed to create their awareness in the market and used strategies that lacked user acquisition and conversion vision. To explain it in a better way we have interviewed the brand consultants of Aylin Global who call themselves as Branding Doctors of marketing and advertisement industry.

Please Introduces yourselves in single sentence
We are the branding doctors who consult patients(brands) having the problem of brand positioning, constantly failing in delivering brand value and customer commitments. Firstly, we diagnose the brands and secondly, we do major/minor surgeries of brands so that patients can be cured with the problems of delivering brand value and acquire customers at a high-rate with minimal cost of customer acquisition.
• How Does the brand Management works?
It’s a very complex process, so here is a small graphic showing the important factors that together contribute to a brand management process.


Why a Brand Needs Checkup from Branding Doctors?
“Every strategy is not meant for every brand”, for an eg. the branding and advertisement model that worked for PayTm is not necessary that it will work for pro kabaddi league. Every brand has a different target audience and needs a different strategy to acquire customers. So, to identify your target audience and implement a strategy that can work better for your brand to increase user acquisition and conversion you need proper branding checkup.

• What are the steps that you involve in Brand Management?
First thing first, the branding guidelines/branding architecture/Corporate Identity must be created to eliminate confusion and to maintain the brand standards, then the marketing analysis is done to identify the target audience whom we are going to target and convert into customers. Then the brand identity is created i.e. the company landing pages, social media profiles, Brand listing, etc., after, that we need to increase its reach among the user with a proper call to action. After, this we need to serve content via. graphical representation, statistical representation, video
representation, indoor/outdoor campaign, Content Distribution Networks, online/offline publications and more to attract users and increase their interest in our services/products. And finally, comes the conversion process, where we serve the user an offer(call to action) that a user cannot reject and get converted into customer.

• What are all the services that you offer?
There are various services that we offer majorly complete brand management solutions, online/ offline/influencer marketing, reputation management, Industrial product design & development and IT services including app development.
Find more over the website and download the brochure
• Who Should Go for Brand Checkup?
Every Brand, either a Politician/Political Party, an artist/a celebrity, a startup, Industrial Sector, MSME Sector or MNC’s, everyone should go for a checkup to get their brand evolution.

“People Buy your Brand
because of HOW
You do the WHY
in WHAT you do”.
– Leo Verdonck

• Is there any offer for new clients?
Yes, there is; we are offering 10 Minutes free consultancy to every new client & we offer customised discounts to every new customer.
• How can brands contact you to redeem this offer?
Anyone can connect with us via email [email protected], via social media Facebook | Twitter


GST Council nod for mandatory e-Way Bill for inter-state goods movement



GST Bhavan. (File Photo: IANS)
GST Bhawan (File Photo)

New Delhi, Dec 16: The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council on Saturday approved mandatory compliance of e-Way Bill for inter-state movement of goods from February 1, sources said here.

Some states might roll out both inter-state and intra-state e-Way Bill from February 1 on a voluntary basis. The system for e-Way Bill will be available from January 15.

E-way bill for intra-state will be compulsory from June 1, the source added. However, implementation of e-Way Bill for intra-state movement will done in a staggered manner from February.


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Cabinet nod to amend Specific Relief Act for ease of business



ravishankar prasad
Ravi Shankar Prasad( Law Minister)

New Delhi, Dec 15: In a move to further ease procedures for doing business in the country, the cabinet on Friday approved a bill proposing to amend the Specific Relief Act, 1963, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad announced here.

Briefing reporters here after a cabinet meeting, the Minister said that with the concerned bill slated to be tabled in the winter session of Parliament, he was unable to elaborate any further on the proposed legislation apart that it was for “ease of doing business.”

“Among the significant decisions, the cabinet approved the proposal to introduce amendments to the Specific Relief Act, 1963, as part of ease of doing business,” Prasad said.

“The Specific Relief Act, 1963, is being changed substantially..being modernised for promoting growth and investment,” he added.

The government has been contemplating amendments to the Specific Relief Act to limit the compensation and relief that courts can give in cases involving execution of infrastructure and development projects.

According to official sources here, the proposed changes seek to introduce guidelines for reducing the discretion granted to courts and tribunals while granting performance and injunctive relief.

The government constituted a five-member expert committee last year, to review the Act and suggest changes needed to remove bottlenecks in execution of contract-based infrastructure development, public private partnerships and other public projects.

In its report, the committee recommended changes in the law to limit the powers of courts to award relief.
“Any publi” work must progress without interruption. This requires consideration whether a court’s intervent’on in public works should be minimal. The role of courts in this exercise is to interfere to the minimum extent so that public works projects will not be impeded or stalled,” the committee “aid in its report.


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CBEC hikes customs duty on mobile phones, TVs and other electronic items



Mobile phone-wefornews-min

New Delhi, Dec 15: The Ministry of Finance on Friday increased customs duty on import of mobile phones and other electronic devices such as televisions, mobile projectors, microwave and water heaters.

In a notification issued by Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC), the customs duty on certain sections of mobile phones has been raised from 10% to 15%.

While customs duty on television sets has been scaled up to 15 per cent from the existing 10 per cent.

Similarly, the customs duty on monitors, microwave ovens, projectors has been doubled to 20 per cent, as per the notification.

The Custom duty on push button telephones or mobile phones has been raised to 15 per cent from nil.

The changes will impact tech and electronic titans such as Apple, Sony which have been planing to set up manufacturing units in India.


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