How Can CAG Mehrishi Investigate His Own Role to save Modi govt in Rafale Deal, says Kapil Sibal

Credit- ABP News

New Delhi, Feb 10 : Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal targeted the Narendra Modi led government by making a fresh charge that how come current Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), Rajiv Mehrishi can investigate his own role when Mehrishi was involved with the negotiations for the Rafale deal in 2015 when he was the finance secretary.

“As CAG Mehrishi being implicit in the Rafale deal it signifies a major issue of conflict of interest,” said Sibal, demanding that Mehrishi recuses himself from presenting the CAG report into the Rafale deal and warned that those showing loyalty to PM Modi were being watched.

“Officials should know that elections come and go. Sometimes we’re in Opposition and sometimes we are the ruling party. We’ll keep an eye on officials who are over enthusiastic and trying to show loyalty to PM Modi,” Sibal said.

“This is a corrupt deal and fair investigation should be done, but how can CAG investigate gimdelf when he was the Finance Secretary. There is a clear conflict of interest,” he claimed.

“He must recuse himself from presenting this report. If it is tabled in the Parliament, it will be another big scam,” warned Sibal, adding that the report might be tabled in Parliament tomorrow itself.

He said, “the government is trying to mislead people by tabling the CAG report on Monday which the Modi government knew beforehand the content of it.”

Indicating a major conflict of interest, the senior Congress leader said, “We now strongly believe that Modi government is doing everything to save itself.”

A Memorandum has been submitted to CAG on the conflict of interest to audit the 36 Rafale Aircraft Deal.

“Now Rajiv Mehrishi is the CAG. Twice, we took our delegation to the CAG in September and October of 2018, to request for a proper investigation on the Rafale Scam. But, how will CAG investigate against himself,” Sibal asked.

Detailing out the sequence of events in the deal and asking for his recusal from the CAG report, sibal said, “Sibal Rajiv Mehrishi, current CAG, was appointed as the Finance Secretary from 24 Oct 2014 to 30 Aug 2015, during which PM Modi visited France and announced the deal for 36 Rafale aircrafts.”

“I will keep an eye on officers fervant to PM Modi, he added.

“The new Rafale deal was announced by PM Modi in France on 10 April 2015 and the old deal for 126 aircrafts was cancelled in June 2015,” the senior Congress leader added.

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