House husband may be negative for health

house husband

London, Sep 6: Are you also planning to stay a home and ready to take up the role of a “kept man”, someone who is financially supported by his spouse.

Then, keep in mind that the men could suffer stress conditions.

It can also affect the health and can increase the risk of suffering heart problems, chronic lung disease and stomach ulcers.

This happens because their masculinity is damaged, the researchers said.

“Men who were raised to be the main breadwinner may feel they are falling short, and may be made to feel inadequate by their peers, family members, and even their spouse and children,” Deborah Carr, Professor at Boston University in the US, was quoted as saying to the Daily Mail.

“These processes of stigmatisation can take a toll on a man’s sense of masculinity, self, and competence,” Carr added.

The study showed that breadwinner men also seek to regain their manliness through smoking, drinking and eating unhealthily.

“Men who do not uphold the male breadwinner role may feel like a professional failure, or may feel that they are failing their families by not providing for them economically,” Carr said.

“Men who hold particularly rigid gender role expectations may also be troubled by their wives’ career success and earning capacity, especially if the husband believes his wife’s work activities are taking away from her home-making activities,” she noted.

The research was conducted on nearly 1,100 married couples over three decades, finding health problems in men who stays at home and wife became the main breadwinner.

Previous research has found that while women who are the main breadwinners may try harder to keep their marriage on track.

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