Honeymoon spots that will make your marriage more memorable

honeymoon on beaches

After finally tying the knot with each other, the couple is always waiting for their best days of life; their honeymoon. Wedding always has a lot of planning from the big decisions down to the tiniest details that make the life miserable at times. Hence, to come out of this madness of wedding the best thing is to go for a honeymoon and relax. The honeymoon is their chance to be with each other, just the two of them and temporarily detaching their workaday lives and worries. This is a place where they want to spend their best time and hence most of the couples worry about finding the right place that is fun and enjoyable for both. Excited about being together in their own cosy space the couple feels happy. They need a place of their choice and comfort to start off their new journey and a new life together. Comfort and candour are important in a lasting relationship which starts with the honeymoon. Some may want to have a luxury honeymoon and some may want a short trip as per their budget. Anything is fine as long as both enjoy the most. The honeymoon is a chance for a newly wedded couple to reignite the inspiration that led them to choose each other in the life forever.

Vishal Kejariwal,Co-founder and CEO – Taxidio Travel India suggested five best honeymoon destinations outside India especially if you’re planning for a honeymoon in December, January and February. The base of the destination recommendations are on the season and that will help the couple to enjoy more.


Considered as the perfect post-wedding stress buster honeymoon spot. Mexico is a great combination of some exceptional nightlife along with beaches. The two must-visit beach places are, Cancun – known for its beautiful beaches, numerous resorts and nightlife. Tulum, is known for its palpable beaches and well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city. Here the couple can enjoy romantic walks along beaches by spending quality time with each other. Though Mexico is little far from India, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Since the flights to Mexico from India are slightly expensive, it could be a good idea to fly to the USA and then go to Mexico by road.

Mexico is not as cold as other western countries; the cities are in the typical range of 15-20 degree wherein Indian people can adjust easily. Beaches the atmosphere is around 25 degree so it is pleasant for Indian couples.


One can get the best memories captured in the camera when they are at the snow-capped mountains of Norway. Scandinavia offers to makes your honeymoon pictures and memories more beautiful. Couples can spend their days exploring the unspoiled snow along with the northern lights. Till the month of early April, the couple can get the chance to see the beautiful northern lights which are like having a once in a lifetime opportunity. Scandinavian nations like Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are popularly visited by honeymooners who have thick pockets.


Enjoy your private and special place in each other’s heart in the mid of water. Water villas are one place where couples dream of staying with each other lifetime. If your travel plan is short for a week or so then the Maldives is definitely the place to go. The best thing in the Maldives is you just go park in the resort. The best place to stay is the ocean villa if your pocket supports that kind of villa and stay there for a few days. Ocean villa becomes a bit out of budget sometimes so we recommend people to take a good hotel or a beach villa and stay there for a few days and enjoy. Also, staying and relaxing in the ocean villa for a day can weave good memorable days. Many airlines give direct flights from India to the Maldives


This is a place that is typically unexplored by Indians, but it is one of most romantic gateways for any newlywed couple. It is one destination in Europe that is easy on the pocket. One can visit the beautiful city of Lisbon which is Portugal’s hilly and coastal capital city. It is a blend of tradition and modern as well as it is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Europe. Another place to visit in Portugal is Porto that is a coastal city in its northwest. Madeira island is one must place to explore here as it has a lot to explore from adventure sports to water sports etc. Direct flights are there; lowest fares also available.

New Zealand

If you’re a couple who loves adventure then New Zealand is the best place to visit. It will be summer this season. If you love water rafting, sky jumping, hiking then this is the best place and season to do the same. Provided you’re an adventure person you will like this place a lot. This place also offers spectacular diverse landscape, stunning natural scenery and a welcoming community. Flights typically from India fly via Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Hongkong.


Above places are based on what kind of traveller you are, Mexico if you love beaches or nightlife, Scandinavian is high on a budget but very interesting in terms of the exceptional beauty of the place for Indians, as it is a great place to visit because of the snow-clad tops. Maldives is a place if you enjoy staying in the water; Portugal is one unexplored place by Indians but very beautiful and good for the pocket. And lastly, New Zealand is best for the couples who want to explore in adventure sports etc.

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