Home Agent Program for mothers


A mother, a wife, a career woman; for a woman, it’s not always easy to balance all these roles, and therefore, her career always takes a backseat. Keeping this in mind, and with a desire to provide women with viable and interesting career options, Nirvana Excursions has launched its unique Home Agent Program. It’s geared towards housewives who are interested in exploring a career and career women who have taken a break, and are now looking for options that will allow them the flexibility of working from home, while ensuring a steady income stream.

While the advantages are many, this program has been specifically designed to encourage women to use their existing network and relationships, therefore making it a point to avoid any unnecessary pressure or stress. At the same time, the agents are also provided with exhaustive and in-depth training and education. In this way, Nirvana ensures that every home agent is completely prepared to work in the travel sector regardless of whether or not they have any prior experience in this industry.

As a brand, Nirvana Excursions has always made it a point to support and encourage women when it comes to travel, be in solo travel, travelling with kids, and now, an excellent way of working from home.

“Being a woman entrepreneur and a mom myself, I believe very strongly in women having the financial freedom and identity that comes with a career,” says Nidhi Batra, co-founder of Nirvana Excursions. “That’s why, we ensure that the women of our program receive all the help and support they need and have the confidence to create their own space in this industry.”

 Nirvana Excursions is an enthusiastic travel brand and was established in 2013, specializing in unique travel experiences and customized solutions for the discerning traveller.

At present, Nirvana caters to both budget and luxury travellers, providing a host of travel-related services, backed by a very enthusiastic operation team and an ever-growing home agent base across the world.

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